This transfer credit database is designed to assist prospective transfer students with identifying courses which may be transferable for college credit based on how courses have transferred in the past. This is not a complete list of colleges or courses. Since our curriculum evolves frequently, past granting of credit does not guarantee that the course will transfer in the future. Please note that some courses marked as Liberal Arts Electives may be counted towards Humanities or Social Science requirements based on program of interest. We encourage prospective transfer students to contact the Office of Admissions at for an individualized transcript review or advisement session.

Worksheet Instructions: To generate a planning worksheet to aid you in your transfer process, search for your college or course in the below drop down list. Check the box(es) that correspond(s) to course(s) applicable to you. Click the "Add to Worksheet" box to create your worksheet in the "Worksheet" tab. View your selected courses in the "Worksheet" tab. Enter your email address on the right hand side in order to save your worksheet, load your saved worksheet from a previous session, or email the worksheet to yourself.

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